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Poor Harry Fic List:

I have melded the abused!Harry fics with fics on eating disorders, self-harm, depression, suicidal themes etc. as most of the stories have more than one anyway, rather than do separate lists for each.

Again, they are listed alphabetically where possible, with sequels directly below the fic they were a sequel to rather than in their own alphabetical section.

Some details, Snarry means those fics where Severus Snape and Harry Potter are in either a romantic or sexual relationship of some sort. Severitus was based on a challenge by the author Severitus where Snape was Harry's father and it's since come to be used in nearly every fic where Harry finds out Snape was his father, although the challenge did have more details than that.

This list is mostly Snarry because that is what I read/write mostly, but I will accept general fics (no pairings) or fics where Harry is paired with someone other than Snape if Snape is the one who helps him recover in a big way. If there is no Harry/Snape interaction of any sort, then it isn't for this list. UPDATE: What I will not accept are any fics where Harry is paired with Ginny! I'm sorry, I know it's canon, but I hate it and it is not going on my list, if you want Harry/Ginny fics I'm sure someone else has made a list somehwere :)

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Historical/Time Travel Snarry

What fits for this list

Alternate realities where Snape and Harry are in the past, Ancient Rome, 18th Century England etc. Can have magic or not.
Time Travel where both of them spend a significant part of the fic in the past

NO time travel to the Mauraders era.
NO time travel if just one of them travel to the past
Fics should be from 1970 backwards (so yes time travel to Tom Riddle or Grindelwald timelines fits)
New means new to this list, the fics may be older.

If you know of any fics that would suit, please leave a comment :)

List last updated June 21 1017.

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D/s, BDSM and slave, Snarry fics

The list is done, again alphabetical by title with sequels added beneath. Feel free to add any in the comments that I might have missed so far. New means new to this list not necessarily a new story :)

Snarry D/s list )
Attention Whore by Xanphibian sub!Harry

The Auror, the Potions Expert, and the Cult of Eris by Gateway Girl. light BDSM, aphrodisiac.

Summary: After a meeting of Muggle politicians degenerates into an orgy, Severus Snape is called in as a potions expert. Auror Potter isn't quite the boy he remembers.

Auror's Dilemma by Gateway Girl, sub!Harry (companion piece to the Finders Fee series)

Summary: As an Apprentice Auror, Ron is uncomfortable with Harry's explanation of what he does -- professionally -- with Snape. Certainly some of that is likely to be illegal. However, when a serious poaching case lands on his desk, he's not sure he can trust his judgment. Is he so scandalized that he is assuming guilt unfairly? Or is it the other way round?

Bed of Bones by Dianann Snape/Remus/Harry sub!Harry

Beg by Perfica

Bent by Anise sub!Harry

Bloodwork by Seeker

Blood and Fire by Cluegirl

The Brat, The Git and the Skirt by Eriador117, sub!Harry

Summary: Harry loses a bet to wear a girl's uniform for the day, but finds he likes it. Snape is convinced he is hiding something beneath his robes and gets a pleasant surprise when he finds out what it is.

Bruise Pristine by Eriador117, sub!Harry

Summary: Harry feels the need to be punished, Snape isn't so sure. And that's not the only problem: who is stalking the Boy Who Lived?

Cambiare Podentes: Invocare by Jordan Grant

Summary: A new prophecy comes to light, one that promises death for Harry Potter and enslavement for the wizarding world, unless Harry himself consents to being sexually enslaved--irrevocably and for life--to Severus Snape.

Cambiare Podentes: Madurare by Jordan Grant

Summary: Now that Harry has been bound in slavery, how will he and Severus mature the spell to full completion? And how will they deal with the consequences of irrevocable enslavement? The second volume and conclusion to Cambiare Podentes: Invocare.

Cheering Up by Snakeling sub!Harry?

The Chocolate Series by Eriador117, sub!Harry


Games Without Frontiers: One of the new Hogwarts teachers has taken an interest in Harry, but it's not the teacher he wishes would take an interest. An ill-advised trip has Snape coming to Harry's rescue once again.

His Master's Voice: Harry loves his Master's voice, he really loves it.

Chocolate: Harry is upset by their games. Have they gone too far?

Clemency by djin7 sub!Snape?

Complete sub!Harry by Amy (Swtalmnd)

The Colours Series by Eriador117, sub!Harry


Pretty in Pink: No longer a student, Harry decides it's time to try and go after Snape once and for all. He's not entirely sure the skirt will help...

Exquisite in Emerald: "Just beacuse I'm a virgin doesn't mean I don't know what I want." - or Snape likes Harry in a dress. He really likes it.

Beautiful in Blue: This year's Masquerade Ball at the Ministry of Magic has a few surprises...

Radiant in Red: Harry surprises his Master for Valentine's Day.

NEW! Come What May by Minxie. D/s Threesome HP/DM/SS. Non-con?

Summary: Searching for the power to kill not only Voldemort but also Severus Snape, Harry overhears a damning conversation between two people he trusted. It awakens what the Sorting Hat saw in his first year: his innate Slytherin cunning. Will it change his loyalties or just the way he fights?

Confession by Venivincere Sub!Harry, dub-con, chan RL/HP, SS/HP

Detention by Isidore 13 Sub!Harry?

Crush by Eriador117, light D/s, bloodplay, vampire

Summary: A discussion about an undercover assignment leads to much more.

The Deep Ache by Eriador117, sub!Harry

Summary: Harry never knew he would come to enjoy detention with Headmaster Snape quite so much.

NEW! Deserving by Moonofthesea. Non-con BDSM.

Voldemort is gone, now the question is: What to do with the Marked Ones that haven’t really committed any crimes? The Wizarding World’s solution: Place them under the care and ‘protection’ of a Guide from the Light. The problem is most of these Guides are wizards and witches who have lost love ones in the years of battle against the deranged wizard. As in the case of one Harry James Potter who cannot see Severus Snape go free after having killed his parents, godfather, and mentor. Severus Snape agrees.

Detention by Midnight Birth

Summary: Harry knows he doesn’t have to be at Hogwarts. He knows he doesn’t have to go to lessons, and especially detentions. Severus knows this, too. But when Severus orders, Harry comes, and it doesn’t take long for both to figure out why.

Detenion, Potter! by Pytx, sub!Harry.

The Devil's Playground by Book7BrokeMyBrain sub!Harry, chan, spanking.

Sequel to Idle Hands by Nimori. Severus Snape indulges in a little wish-fulfillment during Potter's detention. He is a wicked, wicked man....

The Dom of his Dreams by Eriador117

Summary: Harry's never had proper boundaries when it comes to discipline. So once he finally comes out and discovers the gay night life, years of repression turn into wild partying and a lot of unsafe choices. Not about to let Harry ruin his life, Snape decides it's time to take matters into his own hands...

Due Recompense by Eriador117, sub!Harry, dark dub-con

Summary: Harry always wondered why Snape never participates in the holidays and decides to find out. He really should have left Snape alone.

Titles E - H

Em Knaps! Em Knaps! sub!Harry by Shayla

The Epic of Porn Series by Abstract Concept
sub!Harry, parody of all the cliches ;)

Experimental Magic Series by Magdalena

NEW! Finally Snarry by Wendy Marlow, spanking.
Summary: It's Snape's birthday, and his husband wants to surprise him with something special: he's finally ready to make Snape's favorite-ever kink come true. Snape is reluctant, but Harry goads him into a birthday present he can't refuse.

NEW!Finding My Place by Book7BrokeMyBrain. Spanking

Summary: The first time Harry walks in on Snape spanking a student in detention he's more than a little shocked. But soon he realizes he wishes that it was him face down over Snape's lap, with his bare, stinging arse in the air. What, if anything, and when, if ever, he does anything about it is up to you.

Finding Peace by Mimiheart, sub!Harry

Summary: It takes a great hero to defeat the Dark Lord. Sometimes it takes a greater one to face oneself. Transgender Harry, D/s relationship.

NEW!Follow Me Home by Emily Waters. sub!Snape, BDSM.
Summary: Seven years after the war, Harry Potter is gone from the wizarding world. A chance meeting in a Muggle BDSM club leaves Snape wondering about the reasons that made Harry leave.

F***ing Exams by Greenie sub!Harry

NEW! Getting Back to Normal by Dutchie848.

Summary: Harry is Teddy’s adoptive father. What will happen when Harry follows Teddy to Hogwarts to become the new Defense professor, while Snape has returned as Potions Master? With Neville, Luna (married) and Charlie on staff as well, it is bound to be an interesting time. Eventual Snarry but very slow build.

Great Liars, Great Magicians by LoupGarou1750, sub!Harry, forced bonding.

Summary: Dumbledore forces Harry to bond with Snape, who demands an heir, but when Harry announces his pregnancy, Snape doesn't believe him. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but the path to love is strewn with sex, lies, and manipulations.

Hand Over Fist by Swtalmnd sub!Harry

Harry Potter's Perfect Detention by Lilyseyes light D/s, sub!Harry. One-shot.
Summary: Back at Hogwarts after the final battle, Harry feels restless. Severus steps in to take him in hand.

A Hundred Million Suns by Eriador117, light D/s, sub!Harry

Summary: Snarry-A-Thon. Prompt 13 - Harry is impotent (either by magic or simple biology). For once, he does his own research and finds a treatment that can help him. At the same time, he becomes aware that Snape has romantic feelings for him. Still hung up on the idea of taking revenge on the man, he decides to kill two birds with one stone. He suggests to Snape, without outright saying so, that after he's cured, he'd like to pursue a relationship with him, all the time intending to laugh in the man's face at the end. Unfortunately for him, Harry never learned to finish reading his texts. What will happen when Harry has to move in with Snape for the very strict regimen of potions, taken at varied and unpredictable intervals, over the course of 69 days?

Titles I - L

If that Mockingbird Won't Sing by Aspen sub!Harry, chan.

I'll be Your Man by Eriador117, sub!Harry, chan

Written for the hp_sexstars fest on LJ, with a prompt submitted by Crimson_Vipera: After fifth year, Dursleys turn Harry out on the street. Snape finds him in Knockturn Alley, about to be raped/killed/taken to Voldemort. He saves him and offers to take him in. In exchange for sexual favours whenever and with whomever he chooses.

Summary: Harry agrees to something he doesn't like in order to keep hold of Severus. But with trust broken on both sides, can they ever make it through?

NEW! Incubus by Sunshine. submissive creature!Harry

Summary: Harry Potter comes into his creature inheritance on his sixteenth birthday. He is an Incubus, and is driven to seek out a mate that his subconscious is able to trust. That person is Severus Snape, who takes advantage of the availability of an Incubus -- an inherently submissive creature who will obey his every whim. Together, they find that they're actually well suited to one another, and develop a meaningful relationship.

Just for You by Eriador117, sub!Harry

Summary: Harry wants to belong only to Severus, but someone else doesn't understand.

A Lesson Learned by Venivincere Sub!Harry, chan.

Liminal by Yevgenie sub!Harry??

Little Boy Lost by Eriador117, sub!Harry, infantilism/age play.

Summary: Written for the snape_potter cliché fest 2011. Cliché used - Growing up with the Dursleys has given Harry some issues; Severus helps him indulge them ;)

Little Boy Found by Eriador117, sub!Harry, infantilism/age play.

Summary: Severus does something special for his boy's twenty-first birthday.

Lower him Down with Links of Chain by Loup Garou Sub!Harry

A Lowering of Defenses by hpstrangelove, bondage, chan, sub!Harry, dub-con.
Summary: Harry has fantasies of being bound. Snape shows him the power of the mind.

Titles M - P

Magister Dominatus by Eriador117, sub!Harry, dub-con

Prompt/Request: Dubious consent, BDSM, First Time, Bottom!Harry, No holding back, I want NC-17, Possessive!Snape, Happy Ending a must! Mating ritual or Bonding Potion/Spell. Basically something bonds them to each other against their will.

Summary: Harry finds a strange book sitting on Snape's desk - he should have realised by now not to mess with things he doesn't understand...

Master by Bleudiablo sub!Harry, updated with part 3.

NEW! Master and Man by Leni Jess.

Summary: Occlumency lessons go in a direction that might perturb the headmaster, but suit both teacher and student. Harry Potter/Severus Snape, memories of young Severus Snape/young Lucius Malfoy. Slash, smut. Oh, and there's a plot, too.

The Master Series by Eriador117, sub!Harry


Of Skins and Hearts: Are you sure this is what you want, Potter?"

Hogwarts is not just a school of magic. Other lessons can be requested by those who have the nerve to ask for them. For a seventh-year Harry Potter he will learn that sometimes lessons can lead to more, but is he the only one feeling like that?

Professor Snape is surprised when Harry Potter comes to him requesting lessons in how to be a good submissive. Neither of them ever thought their hearts would get involved.

And just who is going around murdering Harry Potter look-a-likes?

Of Masters and Madness: Married now to his loving Master, there is one thing that Harry desires more than anything - to have a family of his own. Knowing how dangerous male pregnancies are and forbidden to take any fertility potions by his husband, they decide to investigate adoption.

It was a decision they would come to regret.

Mercy by Gateway Girl, sub!Snape, Harry/Draco/Severus

Summary: (Prompt) Werewolf!Draco and Werewolf!Harry are lovers, but lately they've been interested in getting a third into their pack -- they're convinced Snape would make a fabulous werewolf and submissive lover. Snape still hates/is terrified of werewolves, but they're determined to not take 'no' for an answer....
(Written for the IJ/LJ Drapery_Snarco fest)

The Merry-Go-Round by Abstract Concept

Summary: Harry goes looking for a good time, but finds Professor Snape instead. Snape sets out to make sure Harry has anything but a good time, but he hasn’t counted on Harry’s contrary nature. Instead of reining in Harry’s wild desires, Snape gets taken along for the ride.

More Dark than Light by Nemesis, Dark Lord!Harry
Summary: Harry isn't going to defeat Voldemort, he isn't.

Naughty Boy by Eriador117, sub!Harry, spanking

Prompt chosen: The first time Harry walks in on Snape spanking a student in detention he's more than a little shocked. But soon he realises he wishes that it was him face down over Snape's lap, with his bare, stinging arse in the air. What, if anything, and when, if ever, he does anything about it is up to you.

NEW!A Night Out by SparrowsWing. Light masochism.

Summary: Everyone’s favorite Death-Eater-turned-spy gets left behind at a gay club. What happens when he bumps into The Boy Who Lived?

Parting Ghosts by Gryvon (sub!Harry?)

Summary: Harry has returned to Hogwarts as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Snape helps him find the life he lost when he died fighting Voldemort.

A Passionate Hate by HP Strangelove sub!Harry, non-con.

Playing House by Eriador117, sub!Harry

Precious Metals Series by Eriador117, sub!Harry


Silver and Gold: Used to house part of the Dark Lord's soul, who is this Harry who's been left behind? Returning to Hogwarts for his eighth year, feeling suicidal and alone, Harry finds help with the most unexpected person.

Blood & Gold: Harry's pregnant, Ron's insane, Hermione's in denial and just why are Harry's worst fears coming true?

A Pushing, Thrusting Young Man by Ad Baculum Corporeal punishment, chan, BDSM.

Titles Q - U

EW! A Question of Etiquette by Swtalmnd Snarry and Snape, Harry and Weasley twins in various permutations. BDSM

Summary: Snape takes it upon himself to teach Harry the etiquette of arranging homosexual liaisons in the wizarding world. The twins help with the practicals.

Quite Enough by Seeker

Raiment by Nemesis, sub!Harry, bondage.

The Scent of Pines by Lady Kardassi

Summary:Harry does something about his changing attitude towards Snape. He's rewarded with something unexpected. Previously archived at Inkstained fingers under my old pseudonym kira-nerys.

Shelter from the Storm by LoupGarou1750 and Perfica.

NEW! Secrets of Midnight by Lizzy0305. Light D/s.

Summary: After detention with Umbridge, Harry wanders the corridors with a bleeding hand. Snape finds him, curious as hell as to why Harry is not in bed. He then notices the bleeding hand. In the darkness of midnight, their relationship changes. However, war is coming. What will they have to sacrifice in order to win?

Sight Unseen by Rantipole sub!Harry?

Spoils of War by Rushlight, slave!Harry, non-con.
Summary: Slaveboy!Harry ponders his fate

Stress Relief by Snakeling, sub!Harry
Summary: Severus knows just how to make Harry relax

Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight sub!Harry, Snape/Draco/Harry
Walking the Mirror's Edge from Snape's POV

The Ties that Bind by Lady Kardassi

Summary: Snape gets something he's been wanting for quite some time. Just a short PWP, with few other redeeming qualities. Previously hosted on Inkstained fingers under my old pseudonym kira-nerys.

NEW! Too Many Buttonsby Gia_Sesshomaru. Light D/s.

Summary: Harry and Severus share a moment in his quarters, and Harry can't get over the buttons.

Unexpected Gifts
by Choosetolive, sub!Harry.
Summary: He might not know what to do with those gifts, but Severus did.

The Unexpected Series by Seeker Sub!Snape?

Titles V - Z

The Very Last by Amanuensis sub!Harry

Vox by Bryonia_Alba

Summary: When Snape loses his voice and Percy loses his job, Harry turns to the one person who can help them both.

The Weight of Water by Eriador117, sub!Harry (Harry is a very submissive creature)

Summary: The blood wards on Privet Drive have always been a lie. When the Dursleys are murdered and Harry is arrested, it is up to Severus to find out what has really been going on.
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Title: Tear it all Away 4/?
Author: Eriador117
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Rating: NC-17 overall
Summary: Harry Potter, the young Earl of Godric's Hollow saw his parents murdered before he was abducted himself. He lives for one thing and one thing only: vengeance.
Contents & Warnings: Chan, violence, non-con, torture, religious imagery, crossdressing.
A/N: Inspired by the anime and manga Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. Could be considered a fusion with HP, but it will not necessarily follow either storylines exactly.
Yana Toboso owns Black Butler and JK Rowling Harry Potter. No money is made from these stories. Just for fun, not for profit.

Previous Parts

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Written for the 2012 Snarry Swap at snape_potter
Title Without You, I'm Nothing
Author eriador117
Gift Recipient Sealcat
Main Pairing: Snape/Harry
Other Pairings/Threesomes:Ron/Hermione, mention of Neville/Ginny and Ginny/Luna
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Approx 11,600
Content/Warnings Idiotic Ministry, implied mpreg, mention of miscarriage off-screen, state-sanctioned homophobia, marriage law/bonding
Summary: Fudge is back in power along with Dolores Umbridge. Their new marriage laws are Draconian. Snape and Harry help each other out - by getting married.
A/N:Dear sealcat, you wanted some romance with friends to lovers, which is what I've tried to give you here along with different jobs. I don't know if Harry's job is completely different, but he's not an Auror, Quidditch Player or teacher. Snape also has a secret sideline too. I have written cross-dressing before, but it didn't seem to fit with this storyline, so I hope you're not too disappointed that I couldn't fit it in. I hope you like your gift. Beta'd by WP, thanks so much!

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